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About Melissa

Melissa Venema is an international artist.

She has given concert tours in many different country's including America, Taiwan, Mexico, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Canada, Italy and England. She also worked as a solo artist together with the Johann Strauss Orchestra with André Rieu, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra London, the Metropole Orkest, Taipei Chinese Orchestra, the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony orchestra and the Durango Symphony Orchestra.

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Melissa Venema is a trumpet player of exceptional class. Her tone is full and powerful and she plays with extraordinary expressiveness. She has the ability to let the music itself tell the story and plays with lots of emotion. Playing with her is a pleasure, because of her natural way of phrasing and her talent to let the music breathe in a moving way. She makes the music understandable, she makes music sincerely and from the heart. My composition 'The Kingdom' was written especially for her, the official premiere was in the main hall of the Royal Concertgebouw. She performed the challenging work, dynamic, virtuoso and intense. Melissa is a class of her own.
- Wibi Soerjadi

What music can do...
He loved it so much. Honorary member of the music association, greatly appreciated for all his efforts. An appropriate farewell was self-evident: trumpeter Melissa Venema made an impressive musical tribute. Under 'Il Silenzio' it literally became quiet...

- Aster funeral service
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